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Hello and Welcome to Sweet Pea Prints. Sweet Pea Prints is a small online business owned by me, Olivia Marie, I sell digitally created prints in physical form. I use procreate and photoshop to create all of the prints you see on this website. I'm still very much an amateur with these creative platforms but creating is what makes me the happiest, and being able to do that all on one device without creating a mess in the process or worrying about making a mistake, has been so enjoyable for me. I create every print with the intention of adding happiness, love and laughter to your home. In a world full of uncertainty and at times, a lot of negativity if I can add a little bit of positivity to your home with my little creations, that is the thought that brings a smile to my face. Whether you are here to purchase one of my prints or to just have a nosey I am so grateful you have taken the time out of your day to visit my website. If you would like to follow along on my small business journey I have my social media linked below.