Peas in a pod!

Does your own little sweetpea have some peapod friends? Then why not hold a printing party in your home for a few invited guests to explore my range of charms and have prints taken in relaxed surroundings.

Hosts of a 'Peas in a Pod' party will receive 10% off when two or more guests place their own order and all guests will receive 5% off.


Step 1

Invite two or more of your friends on a convenient day and time that fits around the school runs and naptimes. Pop the kettle on and get comfy!


Step 2

Whilst the children play, explore my range of charms; feel them, try them on and see what suits you. I will guide you through my entire range and help you choose the perfect charm for your Fingerprint or Miniature Prints.


Step 3

Let the printing fun begin! Using either my Impression Putty for Fingerprint Charms or an Inkless Print Kit for the Miniature Prints, we begin the process of capturing your little one's uniqueness before I take it home and create your fine silver keepsake.

Do you run a parent and toddler group or nursery? I can come along to you and will make a donation into your group's kitty.

Organising a charity raffle? Then please get in touch so I can give you a Gift Voucher.