Keeping your silver keepsake at its best...

  • Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver as opposed to the sterling silver findings and fittings at 92.5%
  • Pure or 'fine' silver will be more prone to surface scratches and a little more wear and tear
  • Although fine silver will not tarnish as readily as sterling silver, depending on the circumstances it can still combine with sulphur (from our environment, climate or skin pH etc) producing silver sulphide which is black in colour
  • Blackening of the fine silver or tarnishing of the sterling silver is a natural process therefore it is not deemed as a manufacturing fault. Please be aware of this when considering this style of keepsake for your jewellery. See the Payments, Delivery and Returns Policy via this link.
  • Both types of jewellery can be looked after by removing when bathing, exercising or cleaning
  • Store items separately in your presentation box when you're not wearing it or seal it in a plastic bag
  • Prevent hairsprays, lotions and perfumes from coming into contact with the silver
  • Clean regularly with a damp flannel and dry it well. A silver polishing cloth will help your piece maintain a lustrous shine
  • Chemical dips and liquid polishes are not recommended for frequent jewellery cleaning as regular use could be too harsh
  • Check your keepsake regularly for loose jump rings, clasps etc. For £8, I can replace any jump rings for you and re-polish your solid silver charm. Drop off and collection is to be by the customer please.
  • Purchase your silver polishing cloth via this link.